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DataBridge FLV is a communication and collaboration platform built to provide engineering data to the entire organization through the integration of Vault and Fusion Lifecycle. Access to data extends product development and change management processes beyond engineering, transforming it into a true, enterprise change management system.

DataBridge FLV


Benefits of DataBridge FLV

Time Savings: Reduce time spent searching for information across the enterprise.

Cost Savings: Transfer data between Vault and Fusion Lifecycle automatically, allowing the business to focus on core project vs. clerical tasks.

Data Integrity: Eliminate manual process, removing human error associated with manual data entry.

Visibility: Allow multiple departments to view information by maintaining data consistency across systems.

Decision Making: Base decisions on the most recent and relevant information, enabling better, faster decision-making.

Enterprise Processes: Because data synchronizes between systems, non-Vault users can participate in change management workflows through PLM, truly expanding the change process to the entire enterprise.

Complete Solution: DataBridge FLV, built by Advanced Solutions’ highly experienced software developers, requires no 3rd party software to purchase or maintain.

DataBrige FLV Vault and Fusion Lifecycle Integration helps

Eliminate reliance on email and spreadsheets
Automatateworkflow processes
Minimize human input and reduce human error
Provide enterprise-wide visibility and participation in the change process
Expansion to other business systems such as ERP and CRM

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